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Why collect mobile phones


Since 1990 I worked at the Hogeschool Zeeland as a technical assistant.
Within this function I am responsible for the telephony and mobile telephony. Since 1994, mobile phones at the Hogeschool Zeeland.
All the old phones that have come back, are never thrown away but kept as a material to return to action. When people like me from seeing these aircraft went to pick up memories seemed to me like this to collect. The fast forward flying technique yields implausible moments at the sight of these old machines. Now it appears that much has been discarded, the urge to avoid this has only grown.

A. Bimmel
Team leader,
Hogeschool Zeeland,
Edisonweg 4,
4382 NW Vlissingen.
werkk. TB&O 001
tel +31 118-489209
fax +31 118-489165
mobile +316-53672961
email abimmel@hz(dot)nl